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UPVC - Treatments


We offer a selection of three uPVC treatments:


  1. Water-Fed Pole Clean/ Cloth Wipe – Ideal for maintenance cleans as a regular, cost-effective solution. It is also beneficial on new uPVC.
  2. Cream Cleaner/ Detergent Clean – Perfect for removing dirt from discoloured silicone and water marks from fascia boards. It can also be used on ingrained dirt and as a general clean on houses, garages and conservatories.
  3. Solvent Resurfacing Clean – Ideal for scratches, cigarette burns, ingrained insect larvae, spray paint and other difficult to remove deposits. We buff finish this treatment to bring uPVC back to new.


window cleaning methods







Glass - Treatments

We can remove hard-water stains, cement, concrete, paint splatters, tree resin, bird faeces, grease, light scratches and silicone rust from glass.

lead leeching

Lead Leaching – When it comes to lead leaching, prevention is best as it is very difficult to remove from normal glass.
It is also extremely difficult with glass that has been specially coated.
We can apply Patination oil to lead areas to seal lead flashing and prevent leaching.


Solar - Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

We use a gentle, pure-water method of cleaning for maximum efficiency on solar panels.
This can stop you losing up to 25-30% of energy output.
Prices start from as low as £20 and the service can be carried out on both ground and roof installations.


 Other services:

  • Commercial sign cleaning
  • Jet washing of driveways, patios and decking.

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